I have been MIA.

For those of you would do read this blog sorry I have been missing. I have recently become very obsessed with Tumblr. It’s a pretty awesome site. It’s almost like a little community of people who share their ideas and thoughts.  I am still going to keep this blog going I just dont know what to do since I do so much with my Tumblr. I will keep it going some how but in the meantime, please check me out here madeinthedark.tumblr.com.

BTW, I like the new Dashbord, WordPress. Very nice.


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All Point West Arts & Music Festival

More info here.

Can you say AWWWWWWSOME!!!

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Hot Guy Of The Week : Mark Ronson

I love Mark Ronson. Look at him. I can’t even contain myself and he’s British. That just take things to a whole new level. It makes me cry to know I will never make out with him. Look, just look! ♥


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Why Feist Is Awesome…….

This why I love Feist. New video for ” I Feel It All” directed the also awesome Patrick Daughters.

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Hot Guy of The Week : John Krasinski

I love John Krasinski. He so adorable and funny. He tells funny stories about George Clooney. Who doesn’t love the faces of Jim on The Office they are so priceless. Although, I love The Office I think he could be considered a little incentive to tune in every Thursday. I even went as far as to watching License to Wed(I also have a place in my heart for Mandy Moore, yeah I said it.) To the critics I’ve seen worse.

How happy did make me to see John twice in one day. The second time almost being hit by a car. John is one of the many faces in the Gap Holiday ads. He has 2 different pictures. It not only features him but it has pretty Zoe Saladana and her equally pretty sisters, sweet Amy Adams, and one of my favorite couples, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett.

Anyway, I thought I’d share John’s photos if you haven’t seen them already and the only way that would be possible is if you didn’t live near a Gap, which means you live under a rock.



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Hot Guy Of Week: Choice Cuts

 There are no words. None. Zero. Speechless.


Read the article here.

Ryan is on the cover of November GQ. Enough said.

My bud, The Mag Hag will probably have some more coverage and insight over at her blog. Check it out. But she is probably flipping her shit they way I did yesterday at the magazine store. So give her some time.

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Hot Guy of Week : Choice Cuts

There are no words to express what I feel for my Scottish lover, James McAvoy.  He’s just so, so, so……….hot. He is not a bad actor either and he photographs aren’t too shabby either.

My best friend recently informed me that he was on the cover of British GQ (I read American GQ for my imaginary boyfriend, because every man should know how to find a good suit. I really can’t deal will ill-fitting suits. I see them at work everyday. GQ $12 for a year, people. Sorry, I digress)

Anyway, I went to the magazine church and found the magazine only to discover that my former lover, Orlando Bloom was on the cover(a fold out) with a bunch of other British dudes. Some cool (Simon Pegg) some not (James Blunt, sorry my man you are not beautiful).  I was slightly disappoint to find that James was way way in the fold (wack) but delighted no less. He has got a new film coming out Atonement with Keira Knightley so I am hoping I can get him on some actual covers.

Update: James is also on the cover British Esquire, which by the way is so much better than American Esquire. And people don’t understand my obsession with the British.




I mean look at him, seriously. Glorious!!!!

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