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Jesse Metcalfe Must Die!

I really don’t think Jesse Metcalfe is hot at all. NO! NO! Even during all hype about him when he was on Desperate Housewives I just didn’t get it. He is one of those people who are just so good looking he’s not. Anyway, one of my favorite blogs Four Four (thanks, Jamala) has posted a theory on the possible gayness of Mr. Metcalfe. He does a wonderful blog on America’s Next Top Model, by the way.



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Project Runway – Nina,You are out!

I want Nina Garcia gone. I don’t like her. I don’t need her. OUT! OUT! Where is Andre Leon Talley when you need him?

Oh, Nina take Mr. Kors with you. He is a great designer and all but he is not God and someone should remind him.

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Why is Angela still here?

On last week’s episode of Project Runway I was kinda bummed out that Malan was sent home. There was potential there. I really think Angela should have got sent home. Yes, crazy and untalented, if I may say Vincent didnt let her participate the making of the dress but from the beginning she had nothing. She was totally on Kayne’s(this bitch has skills when it comes to pagent dress) nuts and the bitch just “doesn’t sketch”. Um, I ain’t no fashion designer but I know sketches help. Vincent and Angela should have been sent home packing together.

Poor Malan from Taiwan. I really got a little teary eyed for him. A piece of me is gone. And his mom was a bitch.

Now, back to Angela. WHHHHHHHHHY!? Why is she still there? Here outfit on last night’s episode was CRAP. It was ugly and it looked cheap. I mean Katherine’s design wasn’t anything to write home about but I would have given her one more chance. UGH!!!! Angela go home!!! Please!!!

Speaking of going home. Next week’s episode will send someone home for breaking the rules. If there is a God let be Angela, maybe Vincent. But I wouldn’t be suprised at all if it was Keith. He is a real piece of work. Great designs, though. Angela!! GO!! PLEASE!!!!!! Take Vincent with you.

 Malan!! I will miss you!!!!

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Sexy Back?

I guess today is N’Sync day.

Justin Timberlake premiered his new video for Sexy Back yesterday on TRL (yuck). I was never an N’sync fan but he came out with Like I Love You looking all hot and shit ,doing his own thing (oh yeah, I got that issue of Rolling Stone, all buffed out. You bet I do) I was sucked in and then he kinda faded for me a bit. Today I saw this video and yes, I mostly definitely would. Sexy Back is a stupid title, though.

WATCH IT!! Oh, Lance you’re gonna love this.

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He’s Gay!! Yes, and he likes boys.

Lance Bass is gay. I repeat, Lance Bass is gay. Seriously. Not that you really care. But if Lance was your favorite member of N’Sync then this is probably a shock. I hope not. If you are a gay man and Lance was your favorite then this is probably making your day. Once again, I hope not. If you are just that insensitive and want to laugh then read it here and here. And if you are Ellen Degeneres you must be proud. I feel an interview coming on.


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The Horrors

I am not one to steal so check this out. Great blog by my friend who makes me feel like I know nothing, NOTHING! about music but I do. Add to your favorites if you know whats up.

The Horrors – Sheena was a Parasite. Good song. Good video. Directed by Chris Cunningham. If you have seen anything he has done and you’re a scared bitch you might not want watch this before bed. You pussy. Read the blog.

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Mr. Farell Cleans up nice

Colin Farell has never been one of my guys. Especially, in the last few years where he was concentrating on he other profession as a manslut and  apparently testing out a new hobby as a stalker. Yeah sure, who’s the stalker here. Of course, Colin doesn’t particular care what dip he puts his breadstick in, but stalker ? I mean I don’t know that guy but if he’s going to stalk someone I would expect to see him lurking around Ms. New Proactive, Lindsay Lohan.  He’s a hit and run kind of guy. In and Out, literally.

Anyway, I digress. It seems Colin realised that some ladies (Ms. Lohan, perhaps) like it when a man bathes and shaves occassionally. Or maybe he realised the only way his son would play with him is if he didn’t look like a porn star from 1975. So, people I present to to a clean maybe not diease free Colin ‘I drink Irish beer’ Farell.


I’d still pass. So go get him Tiffany. Body condom, of course.

P.S- I was having trouble enlarging it so don’t let your laziness over come you and just click on the damn thing.

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