Mr. Farell Cleans up nice

Colin Farell has never been one of my guys. Especially, in the last few years where he was concentrating on he other profession as a manslut and  apparently testing out a new hobby as a stalker. Yeah sure, who’s the stalker here. Of course, Colin doesn’t particular care what dip he puts his breadstick in, but stalker ? I mean I don’t know that guy but if he’s going to stalk someone I would expect to see him lurking around Ms. New Proactive, Lindsay Lohan.  He’s a hit and run kind of guy. In and Out, literally.

Anyway, I digress. It seems Colin realised that some ladies (Ms. Lohan, perhaps) like it when a man bathes and shaves occassionally. Or maybe he realised the only way his son would play with him is if he didn’t look like a porn star from 1975. So, people I present to to a clean maybe not diease free Colin ‘I drink Irish beer’ Farell.


I’d still pass. So go get him Tiffany. Body condom, of course.

P.S- I was having trouble enlarging it so don’t let your laziness over come you and just click on the damn thing.


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