Project Runway – Nina,You are out!

I want Nina Garcia gone. I don’t like her. I don’t need her. OUT! OUT! Where is Andre Leon Talley when you need him?

Oh, Nina take Mr. Kors with you. He is a great designer and all but he is not God and someone should remind him.



  1. Joan Roseman said

    Nooooo! I need me my Nina. I’ll girl-fight you over her. Seriously, Nina has grown on me, and not in a bad, fungus-y way, season by season. Without the orange-but-divine glow of Michael Kors to distract from her strengths, I have to say she is proving to be responsible and fair as a judge. Plus she is way prettier than Vera Wang, talented through Ms Wedding Gown may be. But it is clear to me that Nina is to the judging what Tim Gunn is to the mentoring: a consistent voice for fashion, stripped of personality. The designer who does not listen to Tim Gunn does so at his/her peril, and the designer who doesn’t finish his/her garment — who has exposed seams, dangling threads, uneven hems, etc. — will be taken to task by Ms. Garcia. It was one of the nails in Zulema’s coffin, and it shaved points off for many a designer since. Pay attention to Nina, designers! And hands off my girl, Yammy Bee.

  2. Christy said

    I agree. I don’t necessarily like Nina, but her snarkiness is usually spot on.

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