Always gotta mess up a good thing.

I am aware that Project Runway aired one day ago and this is late but it’s not like anyone is actually reading my blog.

Keith, Keith, Keith. You jackass! How could you be so simple? You let your cockiness and shady businesses get in the way and complete f%*ked up a good thing. Yes, you were an asshole that can’t be denied but bitch you had talent. Oh, Keith, Keith, Keith I hate to say but got what you deserved. Let this a lesson to you that being a shady bitch is not for everyone. I just can’t believe how royally you took it up that ass. Carry on.

Go here to see Keith’s exit interview. You kinda feel bad for the guy.

Now, I still don’t like Angela. I stil haven’t gotten over the fact that they sent Malan aka Dracula home instead of ‘ I don’t sketch’ Angela. And let’s not forget those goddamn rosettes. I mean seriously. Who the f%&k is she? Well, she won this week’s challenge but I believe that if she didn’t have Michael and Laura(she’s a bitch but she’s quite hilarious) that bitch have and by the power Jesus been sent home. But no, there is no God because that chick is still here. Stick a hot poker in my eye why don’t you? My friend made a comment “She’s like the Wendy Pepper/Kara Janx of the season” you can never quite figure out she makes that far. Because there is no God either that or he’s a mean mutha.

It was sad to go Bonnie go but deep down I think I was rooting for Robert. I was utterly shocked at what Robert made. What. The. Hell! OMG, Robert! You had me taking Vincent’s side and that fool is another one on my list. Robert made that wonderful dress the first challenge so what in God’s/Allah’s/Buddah’s holy name were you thinking maybe Vinnie’s cooties rubbed off on you. I wish I knew. ROBERT!!! Make it work!

I have realized that I hold a special place in my heart for little Bradley.

Oh, God I love this freakin’ show so much.


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