My weekend at the movies

This weekend I saw two really great movies as well as hung out with awesome people. On Saturday I saw Little Miss Sunshine. It was really good. I had been having high expectations for this movie for a long time. I was afraid that it was going to be one of those movie where all the great parts are in the trailer but that was only a tease. The movie was so good. It was very very funny. Apparently, my friends and I and the guy in front of us who seemed be sucking on an egg earlier were the only people who thought it was funny. Those muthabitches known as the rest of the audience barely let out a chuckle. I mean, were we watching the same damn movie? Seriously.

Well, LMS as you may know is a family travels to a beauty pagent in which the young daugther, Olive has at the last minute got a spot in. From the beginning you can tell that this cute pudgy little girl is not pagent material but you know are gonna root for anyway. The family in all its screwed up glory is very supportive. Throughout the trip you see this is a family who needs each more then they would like to admit and towards the end they are able to realize this. The cast was pretty great especially Alan Arkin. Holy crap, was that man hilarious. Paul Dano who played the brother was pretty great too and he only had like 5 lines in the movie. The film was able to be touching and funny at the same time.  You root for each character and feel bad when their dreams don’t come true.  It was the right amount of humor and the right amount of sweetness.  Anyone who tells the movie wasn’t good can “suck on this!”.

I also saw Brothers of the Head. That was really good as well. It a fake documentary about the Siamese twins who become punk rock stars. For me it fell short of the documentary feel it was going for but nonetheless it was still a great film. I think I have a crush Luke and Harry Treadaway who play twins. The music was all original music and it was pretty good as well. I am contemplating getting the soundtrack. It was great story although some of it has been done before in movies of this sort. The drugs, the booze, the girl, the fall but nonetheless still well done.  Luke and Harry Treadaway who portray the twins Tom and Barry Howe are great together.  They both bring a sadness and a sensitivity to each of the characters they play. Overall, the film was well done and entertaining.

If you can you are willing to have your wallet raped of 11 bucks I highly recommend both. Check the New York Times for a some good reviews.



  1. Aga said

    “I think I have a crush Luke and Harry Treadaway who play twins”

    I guess everyone who’s seen the film has a crush on them LOL

    Check out 🙂

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