Take those Harry Winstons and stick ’em up your nose!

Vincent is a freakin’ idiot! No Talent!! No Class! I really hate that bitch. And I really wished that Laura would have punched him the face but she told told him like it was and that’s what you get when mess with a woman with 5 kids. Laura takes shit from no one. No one!! I still can’t believe that bitch has 5 kids. Amazing.

This post is a bit late because unfortunately I had my wisdom teeth take out and I was sedated. But it’s not like anyway reads my blog anyway.

 If you have half a brain you should be very angry about the results of Wednesday’s show. And if you don’t know Alison was vote out. Over who you say? Someone who should have been voted off weeks ago…….Vincent. Yes, Vincent is still there. Why? Because there is no god. I really don’t understand how Vincent even made it on to the show. That man is on another freakin’ planet. He has no sense of style and he is terrible designer as well out of his mind. Vincent and Angela should have been the bottom two but suprisingly Angela was safe. Don’t even get me started on Angela. Obviously, I am the only one that saw that outfit of garbage she made. Don’t even get me started on her.

Alison has been pretty consistent in her designs and she has never been at the bottom. Are the judges not taking into consideration her past work? They should. Vincent has constantly gotten bad reviews of his designs don’t you think its about time that he be sent home. I really wish I understood the judges and what they are thinking. I can’t believe some of the things that came out of Heidi’s mouth. I think I lost a little bit of respect for her if not all. Don’t even get me started on Nina and Michael Kors. I hate them both. They can eat a bowl of dicks And that Rachel Zoe WTF. She’s not that great of a stylist I mean she basically dresses all her clients like her. But whatever, I digress.

I really don’t understand what is going this season but so far I am not happy. I am just in shock about Alison being out even Laura, who because she doesn’t hold her tounge and thats why I like her even had a little bit to say and she was right. I really don’t understand at all. She was a good designer, way better then Vincent. People are saying that they are trying to keep for that whole Santino effect but I don’t really think Vincent is that entertaining to watch. I really believe that the judges are not taking past challenges in consideration or really seeing the talent that people like Malan and Alison possess and they throw all out the window for one slip up. The judges really need to rethink their strategy and make the right decisions.

I am just about to give up on this damn show. Seriously. Check out Tim Gunn’s take. He was just as shocked.



  1. Dino-Ray said

    Hahaha…yes, Angela and her FLEURSHWANS and ROSETTES are horrendous. What the hell did she send down the runway last week? It looks like a hooker from outerspace…although, as much as I hate to admit it, I did like her Audrey Hepburn piece…and then there’s Vincent. He like to “get off” on his creations. Nuff said.

    Nice blog by the way…I am really diggin’ it! Us low-ranking bloggers need to stick together! Haha….don’t worry, I’ll read yours if you read mine!

  2. Tygergrl18 said

    I as far as I can see, Vincent’s only on the show to be the designated bad guy. The Producers make the judges keep him just for the drama he creates. Like Santino for last season, only Santino had talent. I personally think the should get rid of Vincent and just use Jeff as the bad guy but I don’t think they will. Sad.

  3. anna von schitalite said

    fucking vincent

  4. sal said

    Santino not only had talent, he was funny! Entertaining. It was a total love hate relationship w/him. This season is much less entertaining. Has taken weeks to even have a designer that one can even care about. Laura is great. Great style, speaks her mind, classy, great designs and good execution. Michael is awesome too. Stays out of all the catty crap and keeps making great looking clothes. It is tragic to see Vincent staying, week after week, making a mess and one little slip for Alison and she is booted out. But they’ve never been about fair in their choices in who stays and who goes. I did think it was hysterical for Angela, who is arts n crafts central, to get to Paris and then have to turn around and head home. I think they have kept Jeffrey as the new Santino, but he’s just mean and paranoid…some serious mental issues. You would think someone who had been homeless, on drugs, etc and pulled himself out of that would have learned to be a nicer person. He can hit the streets again and good riddance. Can’t believe he verbally abused Angela’s mother! And the Omar the tent makers outfit he made for her…some one should have brought up the fact that no designers seem to understand that they are missing a big market by not making anything decent for women who aren’t a size 0 or 2! Hopefully Vincent or Jeffrey will be off next! Fingers are crossed!

  5. Steven said

    Oh come one guys…Vincent is very entertaining and Laura is just a bitch period. Jeff is not so bad and since he has hit bottom and been addicted to drugs and what not, that may affect his attitude. He is a great designer though and fun to watch. Michael is the best ALL THE WAY. He is the most professional and the second most talented next to Keith who screwed himself over. I really wish that beautiful angelic blonde girl didn’t get kicked off, I really dug her stuff and she really only had one or two bad choices and one was make of fricking garbage so give me a break.

    Its going to be Uli, Michael and Jeff in the final 3 BTW!!!

  6. Steven said

    Alison is her name…I can’t believe i forgot that

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