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The Greatest Commerical Ever!!!

I knew the day would come where I would never see this commercial again but thanks to the miracle that is YouTube that day will never come. Sprint commercial aired a few years back now you tell me is that monkey amazing or what, I mean really. He should have got an Oscar. Seriously.


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YouTube , Sooner or Later?

It was only a matter of time before Corporate America took over will actually they already have. A REUTERS story says that Microsoft will launch their own video service Soapbox it what it will be called, that could possibly put an end to the magic that is YouTube. Well, they didn’t say in those words but close enough. And please don’t kid if yourself think that Big MicSof ain’t gonna charge in the near future. HA!!

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Quote of the Day

“That being said, he’s still a hot bod and I’d gladly debate this topic with him over Trojans and KY.” -Michael K of Dlisted

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Movie Trailer Time!!

It’s that time again. Fall movie season is upon us which lots of good films and possible Oscar contenders.  Two movies I am dying to see Marie-Antoinette directed by one of my favorite directors Sophia Coppola and Running with Scissors directed by Ryan Murphy who is one the main people behind Nip/Tuck. Both films are loosely based on books which are based on the lives of actual people. So here for your viewing pleasure and fall anticipation I present to you The Previews…..


In theaters October 20th

Also here is the teaser from late last year

Running with Scissors

In Theaters October 27th


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