Movie Trailer Time!!

It’s that time again. Fall movie season is upon us which lots of good films and possible Oscar contenders.  Two movies I am dying to see Marie-Antoinette directed by one of my favorite directors Sophia Coppola and Running with Scissors directed by Ryan Murphy who is one the main people behind Nip/Tuck. Both films are loosely based on books which are based on the lives of actual people. So here for your viewing pleasure and fall anticipation I present to you The Previews…..


In theaters October 20th

Also here is the teaser from late last year

Running with Scissors

In Theaters October 27th



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  1. Dino-Ray said

    Hey thanks for comin’ by my blog! I know this comment is long overdue and The Covenant is now out in theatres, but damn…it is THE CRAFT with testosterone. I mean, come on. THE CRAFT was jus so much more fun. and as for these trailers you posted…i can’t wait for both movies even though I heard MARIE ANTOINETTE got a lukewarm reception at CANNES..or was it SUNDANCE? in fact, i heard it got booed! nonetheless, can’t wait. and RUNNING WITH SCISSORS! that movie is gonna be sick! I read the book a while back and i loved it! I hope it’s just as good!

    again, thanks for readin’ my blog and come by often! i’ll do the same!

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