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A Charlie Brown Xmas-Scrubs Style

I have been pretty bummed lately and what better way to perk up than with a reworked version of a Christmas staple, A Charlie Brown Christmas. The cast of Scrubs, one of my favorite shows and probably one of the most overlooked shows, did the voices of this hilarious version. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Think of it as my holiday gift to you. 

Happy Holidays!!!!


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So Great

This video is probably on 100 other blogs but just in case you don’t read any of those.

I enjoy ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I have issues occasionally with some its premise( once again a show based in NY and all 5 of the friends are white. I mean really.) Nonetheless it has its funny moments and most of them come from Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal. So it’s only fitting that following clip feature them performing a scene from Les Miz and with such intensity. So great.

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Band of the Week

Now, I try to stay as up on the music scene( generally indie but I do mix it up) as I can. I mean it’s part of what I want my future to been in. It would only make sense.  So lately I have been listening to the Tokyo Police Club. I am not saying they are nothing that hasn’t been heard before but it’s pretty good.  If the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys had a baby it would named Tokyo Police Club. That’s just my assesment. It could be a wrong one but it’s mine nonetheless.

Although music is a big part of my life I am particularly skilled at writing review with depth and and intelligence of, say,  Pitchfork Media. So you have to go there yourself.

TPB website


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