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Funny, but true.

I love Go Fug Yourself. I love Peter Sarsgaard. This probably the best way to sum up why I like Peter Saarsgard and Go Fug Yourself.

“Also, Peter Saarsgaaaaaaaarrrddd is rocking his best “Sure, There’s Something About Me That’s Mildly Threatening, But You Think It’s Hot, Don’t You?”” – GFY

That is so true. Exhibit A


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Hot Guy Of the Week – Hall of Fame

Ok, since Hot Guy of the Week is a new addition to my blog(which no one reads) its still a little rusty. My goal was keep it to new and fresh faces but I figured every now and then I’d write about an old favorite and dub it the Hall of Fame. This week’s inductee is one my favorite hot guys he is the go to hot guy when need a reference. Ryan Gosling. Oh my god, I love this bitch. Seriously. I love his acting. I love his hair. I love his beard. I love his smile. I love his freaking girlfriend for christ sakes. It’s that deep. I love the Notebook as ridiculous and sappy as that damn movie is. I mean have you ever found it possible to love a Neo-Nazi, a murderer(2x), and a crack headed teacher all at the same time? No, probably not, but if they are Ryan Gosling you’d spread in minute. Condoms? Who needs ’em, time is money, people. Throw caution to the wind. You might get a baby and who wouldn’t want a baby by Ryan. Yes! Please. I’d proabably throught it away after a while though.

Now, I knew he wasn’t gonna win the Oscar. He knew he was gonna win the Oscar. But, I still hoped. Ryan did get the Independent Spirit Award. (Awesome.) Anyway, the real purpose of this whole blog was post videos of Ryan(extremely hilarious) and embarrass him in some way. Although I am sure he really doesn’t care he is an acclaimed and Academy Award nominated actor( Omg, whenever he makes a film now in the trailers it will now always say “Academy Award nominee Ryan Gosling….”) and gets to bang Rachel McAdams on regular basis. Lucky, bitch. Uh, not Ryan. Rachel. Shiiiiiiiiiit.

My day was totally made when I saw Ryan singing Jodeci. So amazing. That bitch was already all about the intensity.

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Hot Guy of the Week?

Okay, now I know for some ladies(and fellas) this guy may have always been on your radar so please understand I am not trying to jump on your ship. I just need to let it be known that given the opportunity to share a lovely king size bed with him it is not something I would turn down.

Ryan Donowho first came to my attention last year on The O.C( yeah, so what? Bite me.) as Jonny Harper, a poor surfer who was smitten Mishca Barton’s character and only god knows why. But, unfortunately his character dies and that the end of that. When I was watching the show at the time I really didn’t pay him any mind. I thought he was cute but buck stopped there.

On Monday I went to the Doug Aitken exhibit, Sleepwalkers(awesome) at MOMA. He played one of the characters and it was there I fell in lust. While there were 5 other characters including Tilda Swinton (love her) and Cat Power I must have watched his story about 3 times and it was outside in the cold so I was serious. I did my research. He’s 26 and get this he used to be one of those street drummers, you know the ones you see in the train station playing on a bucket. (btw, I love drummers.)That’s actually how he was discovered or so they say. It bums me out because I have probably seen in the subway and just passed him by. He also used to be a band with Michael Pitt called Pagoda, who actually have an album coming out. He’s been in few films which means they are going in my Netflix queue, baybee.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to share in my newfound discovery and share the wealth. Enjoy!

Ryan Donowho

Myspace page for one of his next  

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I don’t really watch the Grammys anymore because it’s really a bit lame but my mom wanted to watch so I was inevitably sucked in. Now, there is a reason I don’t watch and last confirmed this. The same eight people are nominated in every single category. The performances were pretty lame. Don’t even getting me started on the wack ass tribute they did James Brown. WACK!!!!! or the lame “retrospective” on Motown( I don’t want to diss on Smokey but what is up with his face). WACK!! And would it have been so difficult for presenters do have a little confidence and speak as if they, god forbid knew any of the Grammy Hall of Fame Honorees. 

There is so much great music that comes out every year yet as usual the Grammys only stick to the money makers I am sorry but did the Dixie Chicks need 10 more Grammys and and apparently no has ever listened to ‘What’s the 411?’ because that contained some of Mary J. Blige best jams and maybe I only feel this way because I am nostalgic for a time when I was 10 and my summers were carefree. Who knows? Maybe one day the music I love will actually be recognized until then I’m going to Plug Awards next year. Bitches.

 Eh, I’m giving myself a headache.

On a side note: How is it that missed Prince’s performance at the Super Bowl. That’s so wrong a little piece of me just died inside.

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I haven’t written a post in about 2 months but does it really matter when I am the only reading it? No, probably not. Anyway, my best bud Jamala finally has her blog up, The Mag Hag. I think her generally focus will be all that is magazines, you know “the thin monthly books”.  Now, if you are a mag aficionado like me this is very exciting news almost heaven sent. My bud is very cool so you will never have to worry about a lack of good things to read on her site. So please check it out and support even if you don’t really read mine hers is probably better anyways.

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