I don’t really watch the Grammys anymore because it’s really a bit lame but my mom wanted to watch so I was inevitably sucked in. Now, there is a reason I don’t watch and last confirmed this. The same eight people are nominated in every single category. The performances were pretty lame. Don’t even getting me started on the wack ass tribute they did James Brown. WACK!!!!! or the lame “retrospective” on Motown( I don’t want to diss on Smokey but what is up with his face). WACK!! And would it have been so difficult for presenters do have a little confidence and speak as if they, god forbid knew any of the Grammy Hall of Fame Honorees. 

There is so much great music that comes out every year yet as usual the Grammys only stick to the money makers I am sorry but did the Dixie Chicks need 10 more Grammys and and apparently no has ever listened to ‘What’s the 411?’ because that contained some of Mary J. Blige best jams and maybe I only feel this way because I am nostalgic for a time when I was 10 and my summers were carefree. Who knows? Maybe one day the music I love will actually be recognized until then I’m going to Plug Awards next year. Bitches.

 Eh, I’m giving myself a headache.

On a side note: How is it that missed Prince’s performance at the Super Bowl. That’s so wrong a little piece of me just died inside.


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