Hot Guy of the Week?

Okay, now I know for some ladies(and fellas) this guy may have always been on your radar so please understand I am not trying to jump on your ship. I just need to let it be known that given the opportunity to share a lovely king size bed with him it is not something I would turn down.

Ryan Donowho first came to my attention last year on The O.C( yeah, so what? Bite me.) as Jonny Harper, a poor surfer who was smitten Mishca Barton’s character and only god knows why. But, unfortunately his character dies and that the end of that. When I was watching the show at the time I really didn’t pay him any mind. I thought he was cute but buck stopped there.

On Monday I went to the Doug Aitken exhibit, Sleepwalkers(awesome) at MOMA. He played one of the characters and it was there I fell in lust. While there were 5 other characters including Tilda Swinton (love her) and Cat Power I must have watched his story about 3 times and it was outside in the cold so I was serious. I did my research. He’s 26 and get this he used to be one of those street drummers, you know the ones you see in the train station playing on a bucket. (btw, I love drummers.)That’s actually how he was discovered or so they say. It bums me out because I have probably seen in the subway and just passed him by. He also used to be a band with Michael Pitt called Pagoda, who actually have an album coming out. He’s been in few films which means they are going in my Netflix queue, baybee.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to share in my newfound discovery and share the wealth. Enjoy!

Ryan Donowho

Myspace page for one of his next  



  1. Samantha said

    Hey. you no what…don’t brag about stuff that you can’t back up. He can be in your fantasy/dreams or whatever you want to imagine but you might want to keep some of those comments to yourself.I am not trying to be rude or bratty or anything it is just that : Every action and word is being affected in your life forever. That ‘s all I’ve got to say. God knows why.

  2. Chi said

    Thanks for the info 😉 I remember him on The O.C., I hated his character and was glad when he died. But in real life I bet he’s a nice guy. I heard he sings as well as acts?.. 🙂

  3. stefanie said

    its such a shame that he is so underated …he deff should be acknowledged more…but according to him he wants to ” stay fairly under the radar and do work people will feel proud about and make people feel something profound.”
    well he succeded in doing that lol :]

    he is very talented actor and musician

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