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Hot Guy Of The Week : Mark Ronson

I love Mark Ronson. Look at him. I can’t even contain myself and he’s British. That just take things to a whole new level. It makes me cry to know I will never make out with him. Look, just look! ♥



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Hot Guy of The Week : John Krasinski

I love John Krasinski. He so adorable and funny. He tells funny stories about George Clooney. Who doesn’t love the faces of Jim on The Office they are so priceless. Although, I love The Office I think he could be considered a little incentive to tune in every Thursday. I even went as far as to watching License to Wed(I also have a place in my heart for Mandy Moore, yeah I said it.) To the critics I’ve seen worse.

How happy did make me to see John twice in one day. The second time almost being hit by a car. John is one of the many faces in the Gap Holiday ads. He has 2 different pictures. It not only features him but it has pretty Zoe Saladana and her equally pretty sisters, sweet Amy Adams, and one of my favorite couples, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett.

Anyway, I thought I’d share John’s photos if you haven’t seen them already and the only way that would be possible is if you didn’t live near a Gap, which means you live under a rock.



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Hot Guy Of Week: Choice Cuts

 There are no words. None. Zero. Speechless.


Read the article here.

Ryan is on the cover of November GQ. Enough said.

My bud, The Mag Hag will probably have some more coverage and insight over at her blog. Check it out. But she is probably flipping her shit they way I did yesterday at the magazine store. So give her some time.

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Hot Guy of Week : Choice Cuts

There are no words to express what I feel for my Scottish lover, James McAvoy.  He’s just so, so, so……….hot. He is not a bad actor either and he photographs aren’t too shabby either.

My best friend recently informed me that he was on the cover of British GQ (I read American GQ for my imaginary boyfriend, because every man should know how to find a good suit. I really can’t deal will ill-fitting suits. I see them at work everyday. GQ $12 for a year, people. Sorry, I digress)

Anyway, I went to the magazine church and found the magazine only to discover that my former lover, Orlando Bloom was on the cover(a fold out) with a bunch of other British dudes. Some cool (Simon Pegg) some not (James Blunt, sorry my man you are not beautiful).  I was slightly disappoint to find that James was way way in the fold (wack) but delighted no less. He has got a new film coming out Atonement with Keira Knightley so I am hoping I can get him on some actual covers.

Update: James is also on the cover British Esquire, which by the way is so much better than American Esquire. And people don’t understand my obsession with the British.




I mean look at him, seriously. Glorious!!!!

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Hot Guy of the Week: Chris Evans

Ok, now I know I have been very bad at keeping up this blog but it’s not like you read it anyways.

Well, this week’s H.G.W is Chris Evans. I had some sort of epiphany two weeks ago. I’ve seen Chris around many times but I never thought anything of him and his sort is not generally my type of hotness but I don’ t know what has come over me and and my urge to want to do him. I do remember he was in a Gap ad last summer and for a flickering moment I felt a tingle in my special place. I don’t think he is in one movie that I actually like or have seen in its entirety and I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to see any of them either but I do know that I would hit it in a hot minute.  Oh, yes.


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Funny, but true.

I love Go Fug Yourself. I love Peter Sarsgaard. This probably the best way to sum up why I like Peter Saarsgard and Go Fug Yourself.

“Also, Peter Saarsgaaaaaaaarrrddd is rocking his best “Sure, There’s Something About Me That’s Mildly Threatening, But You Think It’s Hot, Don’t You?”” – GFY

That is so true. Exhibit A

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Hot Guy Of the Week – Hall of Fame

Ok, since Hot Guy of the Week is a new addition to my blog(which no one reads) its still a little rusty. My goal was keep it to new and fresh faces but I figured every now and then I’d write about an old favorite and dub it the Hall of Fame. This week’s inductee is one my favorite hot guys he is the go to hot guy when need a reference. Ryan Gosling. Oh my god, I love this bitch. Seriously. I love his acting. I love his hair. I love his beard. I love his smile. I love his freaking girlfriend for christ sakes. It’s that deep. I love the Notebook as ridiculous and sappy as that damn movie is. I mean have you ever found it possible to love a Neo-Nazi, a murderer(2x), and a crack headed teacher all at the same time? No, probably not, but if they are Ryan Gosling you’d spread in minute. Condoms? Who needs ’em, time is money, people. Throw caution to the wind. You might get a baby and who wouldn’t want a baby by Ryan. Yes! Please. I’d proabably throught it away after a while though.

Now, I knew he wasn’t gonna win the Oscar. He knew he was gonna win the Oscar. But, I still hoped. Ryan did get the Independent Spirit Award. (Awesome.) Anyway, the real purpose of this whole blog was post videos of Ryan(extremely hilarious) and embarrass him in some way. Although I am sure he really doesn’t care he is an acclaimed and Academy Award nominated actor( Omg, whenever he makes a film now in the trailers it will now always say “Academy Award nominee Ryan Gosling….”) and gets to bang Rachel McAdams on regular basis. Lucky, bitch. Uh, not Ryan. Rachel. Shiiiiiiiiiit.

My day was totally made when I saw Ryan singing Jodeci. So amazing. That bitch was already all about the intensity.

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