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All Point West Arts & Music Festival

More info here.

Can you say AWWWWWWSOME!!!


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Why Feist Is Awesome…….

This why I love Feist. New video for ” I Feel It All” directed the also awesome Patrick Daughters.

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I don’t really watch the Grammys anymore because it’s really a bit lame but my mom wanted to watch so I was inevitably sucked in. Now, there is a reason I don’t watch and last confirmed this. The same eight people are nominated in every single category. The performances were pretty lame. Don’t even getting me started on the wack ass tribute they did James Brown. WACK!!!!! or the lame “retrospective” on Motown( I don’t want to diss on Smokey but what is up with his face). WACK!! And would it have been so difficult for presenters do have a little confidence and speak as if they, god forbid knew any of the Grammy Hall of Fame Honorees. 

There is so much great music that comes out every year yet as usual the Grammys only stick to the money makers I am sorry but did the Dixie Chicks need 10 more Grammys and and apparently no has ever listened to ‘What’s the 411?’ because that contained some of Mary J. Blige best jams and maybe I only feel this way because I am nostalgic for a time when I was 10 and my summers were carefree. Who knows? Maybe one day the music I love will actually be recognized until then I’m going to Plug Awards next year. Bitches.

 Eh, I’m giving myself a headache.

On a side note: How is it that missed Prince’s performance at the Super Bowl. That’s so wrong a little piece of me just died inside.

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Band of the Week

Now, I try to stay as up on the music scene( generally indie but I do mix it up) as I can. I mean it’s part of what I want my future to been in. It would only make sense.  So lately I have been listening to the Tokyo Police Club. I am not saying they are nothing that hasn’t been heard before but it’s pretty good.  If the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys had a baby it would named Tokyo Police Club. That’s just my assesment. It could be a wrong one but it’s mine nonetheless.

Although music is a big part of my life I am particularly skilled at writing review with depth and and intelligence of, say,  Pitchfork Media. So you have to go there yourself.

TPB website


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So Far We Are

Here is the new French Kicks video for the first track So Far We Are. I think the chick in the video is Olivia Wilde. Check it out.

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Here It Goes Again

I like Ok Go. I am not saying that are some amazing band but they are fun and very entertaining. A lot people came to know of them from the ‘A Million Ways’ video. That was actually a great video. Now they have new video which is even better. Seriously. I am sure you have heard about or seen this video at some point. If you haven’t then you are a loser. If you have, then I am loser. So there, we are even. But still watch it anyway. Trust this will put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

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The All-American Rejects

I have come to the conclusion that I really like The All-American Rejects. Yes, I do. I don’t have any albums by them and maybe I should. I love Swing, Swing,which Rivers Cuomo did backing vocals on, Dirty Little Secret and Move Along especially. I really don’t have a clue why I enjoy these bitches so much I just do. I don’t know there is just something so fun about them and the lead singer looks like Cillian Murphy and Tom Wellings love child which may possibly help. Now, I am not writing this because I was embrassed or anything I could give a fuck about what other people think of my music choices and to that I say suck my left nut (if I had one). I am just putting it out there. I like the All-American Rejects. There I said it. Bite Me!

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