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Take those Harry Winstons and stick ’em up your nose!

Vincent is a freakin’ idiot! No Talent!! No Class! I really hate that bitch. And I really wished that Laura would have punched him the face but she told told him like it was and that’s what you get when mess with a woman with 5 kids. Laura takes shit from no one. No one!! I still can’t believe that bitch has 5 kids. Amazing.

This post is a bit late because unfortunately I had my wisdom teeth take out and I was sedated. But it’s not like anyway reads my blog anyway.

 If you have half a brain you should be very angry about the results of Wednesday’s show. And if you don’t know Alison was vote out. Over who you say? Someone who should have been voted off weeks ago…….Vincent. Yes, Vincent is still there. Why? Because there is no god. I really don’t understand how Vincent even made it on to the show. That man is on another freakin’ planet. He has no sense of style and he is terrible designer as well out of his mind. Vincent and Angela should have been the bottom two but suprisingly Angela was safe. Don’t even get me started on Angela. Obviously, I am the only one that saw that outfit of garbage she made. Don’t even get me started on her.

Alison has been pretty consistent in her designs and she has never been at the bottom. Are the judges not taking into consideration her past work? They should. Vincent has constantly gotten bad reviews of his designs don’t you think its about time that he be sent home. I really wish I understood the judges and what they are thinking. I can’t believe some of the things that came out of Heidi’s mouth. I think I lost a little bit of respect for her if not all. Don’t even get me started on Nina and Michael Kors. I hate them both. They can eat a bowl of dicks And that Rachel Zoe WTF. She’s not that great of a stylist I mean she basically dresses all her clients like her. But whatever, I digress.

I really don’t understand what is going this season but so far I am not happy. I am just in shock about Alison being out even Laura, who because she doesn’t hold her tounge and thats why I like her even had a little bit to say and she was right. I really don’t understand at all. She was a good designer, way better then Vincent. People are saying that they are trying to keep for that whole Santino effect but I don’t really think Vincent is that entertaining to watch. I really believe that the judges are not taking past challenges in consideration or really seeing the talent that people like Malan and Alison possess and they throw all out the window for one slip up. The judges really need to rethink their strategy and make the right decisions.

I am just about to give up on this damn show. Seriously. Check out Tim Gunn’s take. He was just as shocked.


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Always gotta mess up a good thing.

I am aware that Project Runway aired one day ago and this is late but it’s not like anyone is actually reading my blog.

Keith, Keith, Keith. You jackass! How could you be so simple? You let your cockiness and shady businesses get in the way and complete f%*ked up a good thing. Yes, you were an asshole that can’t be denied but bitch you had talent. Oh, Keith, Keith, Keith I hate to say but got what you deserved. Let this a lesson to you that being a shady bitch is not for everyone. I just can’t believe how royally you took it up that ass. Carry on.

Go here to see Keith’s exit interview. You kinda feel bad for the guy.

Now, I still don’t like Angela. I stil haven’t gotten over the fact that they sent Malan aka Dracula home instead of ‘ I don’t sketch’ Angela. And let’s not forget those goddamn rosettes. I mean seriously. Who the f%&k is she? Well, she won this week’s challenge but I believe that if she didn’t have Michael and Laura(she’s a bitch but she’s quite hilarious) that bitch have and by the power Jesus been sent home. But no, there is no God because that chick is still here. Stick a hot poker in my eye why don’t you? My friend made a comment “She’s like the Wendy Pepper/Kara Janx of the season” you can never quite figure out she makes that far. Because there is no God either that or he’s a mean mutha.

It was sad to go Bonnie go but deep down I think I was rooting for Robert. I was utterly shocked at what Robert made. What. The. Hell! OMG, Robert! You had me taking Vincent’s side and that fool is another one on my list. Robert made that wonderful dress the first challenge so what in God’s/Allah’s/Buddah’s holy name were you thinking maybe Vinnie’s cooties rubbed off on you. I wish I knew. ROBERT!!! Make it work!

I have realized that I hold a special place in my heart for little Bradley.

Oh, God I love this freakin’ show so much.

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Project Runway – Nina,You are out!

I want Nina Garcia gone. I don’t like her. I don’t need her. OUT! OUT! Where is Andre Leon Talley when you need him?

Oh, Nina take Mr. Kors with you. He is a great designer and all but he is not God and someone should remind him.

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Why is Angela still here?

On last week’s episode of Project Runway I was kinda bummed out that Malan was sent home. There was potential there. I really think Angela should have got sent home. Yes, crazy and untalented, if I may say Vincent didnt let her participate the making of the dress but from the beginning she had nothing. She was totally on Kayne’s(this bitch has skills when it comes to pagent dress) nuts and the bitch just “doesn’t sketch”. Um, I ain’t no fashion designer but I know sketches help. Vincent and Angela should have been sent home packing together.

Poor Malan from Taiwan. I really got a little teary eyed for him. A piece of me is gone. And his mom was a bitch.

Now, back to Angela. WHHHHHHHHHY!? Why is she still there? Here outfit on last night’s episode was CRAP. It was ugly and it looked cheap. I mean Katherine’s design wasn’t anything to write home about but I would have given her one more chance. UGH!!!! Angela go home!!! Please!!!

Speaking of going home. Next week’s episode will send someone home for breaking the rules. If there is a God let be Angela, maybe Vincent. But I wouldn’t be suprised at all if it was Keith. He is a real piece of work. Great designs, though. Angela!! GO!! PLEASE!!!!!! Take Vincent with you.

 Malan!! I will miss you!!!!

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