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I have been MIA.

For those of you would do read this blog sorry I have been missing. I have recently become very obsessed with Tumblr. It’s a pretty awesome site. It’s almost like a little community of people who share their ideas and thoughts.  I am still going to keep this blog going I just dont know what to do since I do so much with my Tumblr. I will keep it going some how but in the meantime, please check me out here

BTW, I like the new Dashbord, WordPress. Very nice.


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I haven’t written a post in about 2 months but does it really matter when I am the only reading it? No, probably not. Anyway, my best bud Jamala finally has her blog up, The Mag Hag. I think her generally focus will be all that is magazines, you know “the thin monthly books”.  Now, if you are a mag aficionado like me this is very exciting news almost heaven sent. My bud is very cool so you will never have to worry about a lack of good things to read on her site. So please check it out and support even if you don’t really read mine hers is probably better anyways.

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A Charlie Brown Xmas-Scrubs Style

I have been pretty bummed lately and what better way to perk up than with a reworked version of a Christmas staple, A Charlie Brown Christmas. The cast of Scrubs, one of my favorite shows and probably one of the most overlooked shows, did the voices of this hilarious version. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Think of it as my holiday gift to you. 

Happy Holidays!!!!

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So Great

This video is probably on 100 other blogs but just in case you don’t read any of those.

I enjoy ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I have issues occasionally with some its premise( once again a show based in NY and all 5 of the friends are white. I mean really.) Nonetheless it has its funny moments and most of them come from Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal. So it’s only fitting that following clip feature them performing a scene from Les Miz and with such intensity. So great.

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Pug Nose Face

This comes courtesy of Jamala Johns. It reinforces the awesomeness that is David Robert Hayward-Jones aka the one and only David Bowie.  A clip from Ricky Gervais’ Extras. You’ll love it.

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Quote of the Day

“That being said, he’s still a hot bod and I’d gladly debate this topic with him over Trojans and KY.” -Michael K of Dlisted

Read the blog from it came

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The All-American Rejects

I have come to the conclusion that I really like The All-American Rejects. Yes, I do. I don’t have any albums by them and maybe I should. I love Swing, Swing,which Rivers Cuomo did backing vocals on, Dirty Little Secret and Move Along especially. I really don’t have a clue why I enjoy these bitches so much I just do. I don’t know there is just something so fun about them and the lead singer looks like Cillian Murphy and Tom Wellings love child which may possibly help. Now, I am not writing this because I was embrassed or anything I could give a fuck about what other people think of my music choices and to that I say suck my left nut (if I had one). I am just putting it out there. I like the All-American Rejects. There I said it. Bite Me!

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